Chris Geiser


Chris Geiser

Technology is about revolution. The great technological breakthroughs of our time, from the World Wide Web to mobile, the cloud, and machine learning, have forced us to rethink and retool our business models and strategies. As senior vice president, technology, Chris Geiser protects GLG’s clients from any threats new technology has in store and helps them understand how they can leverage the benefits of what it has to offer.

Chris’s life has always been about revolution. From his early days in a punk rock band playing at CBGB, to his work on set at the groundbreaking TV show Northern Exposure, to his current love of cycling—where revolutions move you forward—he has always well understood that thresholds are meant to be broken through. Breakthroughs come when endurance is tested, and Chris makes it his mission to pressure test that endurance so our clients can move forward with confidence.

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