Graeme Hanson

Associate Creative Director

Graeme Hanson

If ideas are the life force of marketing, having new ones every day means staying sharp. Associate Creative Director Graeme Hanson keeps the GLG creative team sharp by challenging them to make the stories of our clients bold, surprising, and, if possible, freakin’ hilarious. Draft, perfect, polish, repeat.

Graeme keeps himself sharp by soaking up as many stories as he can, whether he’s chasing his toddler around the park or is buried deep in his couch, carefully studying the subtle nuances and profound insights of his favorite show on TV, The Bachelor. But Graeme has always been interested in storytelling, from his background in public relations to his former GLG role as a copywriter, and he’s got the Tellys and ADDYs to prove it. As long as there are stories left to tell, he’ll be finding better ways to tell them.



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