Kurt Reifschneider

Creative Director

Kurt Reifschneider

Great creative direction needs control and chaos in equal measure. As creative director, Kurt Reifschneider brings both to his work helping clients make human connections. A certain amount of free improvisation gives room for ideas to flourish, but once a good idea lands, you’ve got to sweat the details until every decision adds to the whole.

No doubt Kurt’s passion for the drums, for writing, and for classic cars contributes to this approach. The split-second fills around a steady beat, the spontaneous image tucked into a plot line, the tinkering with internally combusting perfection. It’s the path of beauty, pure and simple. And as the Clios, Effies, D&AD, CA, PRINT, Emmys, Obies, and ADDYs under Kurt’s belt all testify, this is also the path to great creative.

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