Mohamed Elmahadi Saeed

Quality Assurance Lead

Mohamed Elmahadi Saeed

In order for things to work perfectly, you have to understand how they work and when, why, and how they break. From upfront business analysis to managing technical delivery, Mohamed Elmahadi Saeed (Mahadi) tracks down every possible way our work could go wrong so our clients can be sure everything will always go right.

Mahadi has always been curious about how things worked. As a child, he took apart every bit of electronics he could get his hands on, from the TV to the VCR, so he’d be able to fix it if it broke. That same curiosity drove him to get a BA in computer science and an MA in cybersecurity leadership. It’s the same curiosity that drives him to explore new foods and cultures. And it’s that very curiosity that helps Mahadi keep all GLG client work in working order.

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