Tara Quist


Tara Quist

Tara Quist is all about what she calls “the three Fs.” The first two are family and friends. And as senior vice president, client services, Tara could be said to be in the business of adding to both. When you consider your clients to be friends, you really begin to root for them, and all their successes feel like your own. Tara always makes sure that GLG is an extension of our clients’ teams, and that collaboration feels more like camaraderie.

The spirit of collaborative problem solving runs in Tara’s veins. It’s something she’s always brought to her work with nonprofits, and it’s been fine-tuned in her long experience with channel marketing, where teamwork is the name of the game. You’ll know Tara by her warm and generous laughter, the tales of her latest trip or concert, and of course by the third “F”: her love of food. What better way is there to connect with family and friends?


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