Alpenrose Home Delivery Launch Campaign

The cows are coming home.

Campaign Concept • Copywriting • Animation • Illustration • Media Planning, Buying & Optimization

For those who grew up in the Portland metro area, Alpenrose is a household name. Portlanders were raised on Alpenrose milk, and the dairy has been a local treasure. But it was time to modernize and deliver to customers in a new way, literally.


With this online campaign, Alpenrose extended its new brand while building massive demand for the company’s new home delivery service. Copy, design, and animation were eye-catching and iconic, giving voices to dairy cows and putting them in well-established Portland locations. As the campaign evolved, creative moved away from the cows and featured fun and sophisticated illustration along with early Alpenrose customers


The Alpenrose home delivery campaign won a 2021 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Best Food Industry Online Campaign.