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Heads-Up: What Our Clients Are Focused On in 2019

Never a dull moment.

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it’s ever changing and there’s always more to do. More research, more envisioning, more fine-tuning. If you’re like me, you’re often head down plowing through a to-do list and moving things downfield. But before the full after-holiday tsunami hits your inbox (and mine), here’s a quick look at three things our clients are focused on to start 2019. Where are you in this mix?

1. The transformation transition

This is the big one and what many of our clients are focused on in 2019: the evolution of digital transformation to customer experience transformation, or what we call CXT. CXT advances digital transformation to include the needs of internal and external customers to engage a larger audience, sell more products, and drive bottom-line growth. GLG’s strategy, media, creative, and technology teams are bringing marketing IT to the business. We continue to help brands integrate core legacy systems while enabling fast customer-facing innovations. But it’s more than technology; it’s more than digital. It’s the holistic assessment, improvement, and alignment of front-of-house (audience-facing) activities with back-of-house (internal) operations that are empowering customer experience transformation.

2. Data-driven creativity

In a related way, the focus on CXT is bringing a new emphasis on creativity. Today, gathering tons of customer data and analyzing it has become ubiquitous. Who’s not doing that? The next level is employing creative solutions to take unique and lasting advantage of the insight. That takes a mix of creativity and intelligence. That’s why our creative teams collaborate closely with our data and analytics counterparts at GLG. Those analysts often come from the members of our media team, who are heads down in the numbers finding exactly where customers are and what medium they prefer as well as measuring the response to our headlines, imagery, content, and marketing tactics. This integration is not just on the agency side; companies are realizing the need for whole-brained talent and seeing the business benefits. According to recent McKinsey & Company research, “Companies that integrate data and creativity in their day-to-day practices actually drive two times the growth of companies that have those capabilities but manage them separately.”(1)

3. CXT from the top of the funnel to the bottom

There’s a ton of focus, and rightly so, on optimizing bottom-of-funnel tactics that increase conversions and revenue. But top-of-funnel awareness and attraction must be equally innovative to drive ongoing engagement and build long-term brand equity. Even in the digital age, and perhaps more so as it evolves, smart brands are keeping their attention on the early stage interactions that begin the customer journey. Especially in paid social and digital advertising, we see it happening with clients like Sur La Table, who used Facebook Live to creatively engage audiences around the holidays. And Simplot Foods is bringing more to the table with new, clever, on-trend digital ads featuring mouth-watering food photography and aimed at restaurant operators and food service clients.

I’d love to hear what you’re focused on this year. Give me a shout anytime at or on Twitter at @bryancummings. For a look at what’s trending on the tech side, check out GLG CTO Chris Geiser’s take here.

Now, back to work.


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