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Wave Makers: 4 Brands That Created a Big Impact in 2019

The end of the year is always a great time to reflect on accomplishments and learnings over the past year. Here at GLG, we’ve worked with many great clients in 2019, helping them create a bigger impact and realize a greater future. We know that good work begets more good work and that sharing success leads to more success. So in that spirit of abundance, here are some of the biggest impact projects we were part of this year.

Expeditors propels a new shipping brand: Koho.

In 2019, global logistics company Expeditors launched a new shipping platform aimed at small-to-medium-sized businesses in the less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping category. Expeditors partnered with GLG, and the new platform came to life as the brand Koho. Launching the brand to the country was the next step. Word got out via an integrated advertising campaign featuring ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Reddit as well as in industry trade publications. The campaign was continuously optimized by testing different audiences, creative assets, and media channels to identify top performers and bring down the cost per acquisition (CPA) month over month. In the first six months after launch, over three-quarters of total bookings and more than 80 percent of total individual shippers were directly attributable to the campaign. That’s a new brand and a marketing campaign headed in the right direction.

Worship Together gives music fans what they want.

Worship Together, a division of Capitol Christian Music Group, is a comprehensive resource for worship leaders, worship bands, and worship teams. Each month, millions of fans, musicians, and pastors visit the Worship Together website to discover the latest Christian music and access resources they can use in their church services. In 2019, the site was reimagined and rebuilt to focus on the needs of its audiences. Data showed that the audience was 75% mobile, so the content hierarchy and user interactions were designed to be mobile-first. The company also needed users to better understand the value of creating a free account. The new website allows members to personalize their experience by favoriting songs and integrating their preferred streaming music player. Rich content is integrated, including podcasts, shareable set lists, and interviews with emerging artists to further engage account members. And sometimes it’s just the small things that matter. Research revealed that musicians used the site to see chords and lyrics while performing onstage, so the new site allows viewing in special dark mode for optimal visibility in low-light conditions. That’s impact that deserves an encore.

The Rainier Club welcomes new members with new identity.

The Rainier Club is a private social club in downtown Seattle with a rich history that spans more than a century. In 2019, the goal was to attract new members to enrich its cultural and social environment. A brand refresh was developed that featured a new visual identity and brand imagery for the club. The brand work provided the strategic foundation for a media campaign that resulted in an eightfold increase in membership inquiries as well as a conversion rate that was five times faster than previous campaigns.

C.R. Laurence is sowing the seeds of transformation.

Sometimes big impact occurs before the final product hits the streets. In 2019, manufacturer and wholesale distributor C.R. Laurence took major steps to overhaul a website that hadn’t evolved to handle the many additions and changes that had occurred over time. The result had become a claustrophobic text-link experience for users. Behind the scenes, the processes and technologies for launching new products and managing data were manual and outdated. By approaching the problem not to clean the slate but rather to understand the decisions that led to the current experience, GLG partnered with C.R. Laurence and established the foundation for a new e-commerce experience site that will present 65,000 products in an approachable, simple way and integrate users’ needs with the business’s objectives. This wave of improvement is just getting started.