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Creating a bigger impact in 2020 takes vision. Here's ours.

I’m excited about experiencing the fourth decade at The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG). The 1990s, 2000–2009, and the 2010s had their own personalities. We’ve seen incredible change over that time, and we owe our longevity to thinking of GLG as a 26-year-old start-up with the courage to constantly evolve, change, and challenge how we look at our business.

But there are some things that haven’t changed—for example, our vision, which is to create a bigger impact and realize a greater future for our clients and our community. There are the six GLG values that guide us every day: collaboration, curiosity, honesty, leadership, thoughtfulness, and great work as a lifestyle. Those haven’t changed. And we continue to view GLG as a transformer making extraordinary ideas possible. At the heart of this are unique GLG abilities that make our vision a reality.

Human Experience

The first is human experience. It’s about how we connect with our clients and their customers. It’s about how we work together and collaborate across the agency. It’s about understanding customer journey and user experience and information architecture. It’s about the magic in the copy and the beauty of the design that create a human moment that sparks delight. It’s about the GLG work environment that’s supportive and caring in order for us to create our very best work. And it’s a GLG culture that knows there’s more to life than just work—it’s about acknowledging what it means to be alive in the world today and creating a place to make that a reality.


The second unique ability is innovation. It’s where those transformative ideas come from. That’s part expertise and part really understanding our clients, learning about their customers, looking for opportunities, and then testing a hypothesis. It’s about creative problem solving across all aspects of the customer experience. It’s looking at challenges in new ways, bringing energy and enthusiasm to the effort, and asking the second-, third-, and fourth-level questions that get to the heart of what customers really need and what drives business in order to exceed expectations in surprisingly delightful ways.


And the third unique GLG ability is in technology. We love clients who see technology as a key to their success. We believe in our developer teams and creatives who know how to make technology work to create exponential results. But it’s also us understanding how technology will disrupt the world over the next ten years—that future is both exciting and alarming, and we strive to be on top of it.

Create a bigger impact and realize a greater future.

Those three unique abilities serve our vision: to create a bigger impact and realize a greater future for our clients and our community. To do that, it takes more than Tim Garrigan and Rebecca Lyman. It takes a team, a group of smart people with their own unique abilities and skill sets who can make the impossible possible. They have a deep curiosity about everything, and that next thing. It’s obvious to me in the impact they’ve created just in 2019. And we’re all hungry for more of that in 2020.

I would encourage you to meet and speak with these talented minds at GLG. They will fall in love with your dreams, your opportunities, and your problems. I can promise those discussions will lead to an idea that will grow your business. Think about the value that creates for you. And imagine what it will do for your customers. Let’s create a bigger impact and realize a greater future. That’s GLG.

Happy new decade!

Tim Garrigan