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GLG Wins Two Internet Advertising Awards

The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) has earned two Best of Industry awards in the 2021 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). Sponsored by the Web Marketing Association (WMA), the IAC Awards celebrate outstanding work in online marketing and advertising.

The Booz Allen Hamilton brand campaign “We’ve Got This” won Best Government Online Campaign. In a campaign targeting technology and business decision makers in the defense, civil government, and corporate industries, GLG created more than 100 display ads that helped Booz Allen Hamilton raise awareness and drive engagement as part of a multichannel campaign.

“The primary message was about partnership between Booz Allen and its clients,” said Bryan Cummings, GLG’s chief creative officer. “Our team did a great job of creating a campaign that is simple, highly branded, and extensible across the many audiences and capabilities Booz Allen has to promote.”

GLG also captured the Best Food Industry Online Campaign for Alpenrose dairy. The campaign introduced a new home delivery service with digital display and social media ads that featured a friendly dairy spokescow and fun animation of groceries emanating from the porch box.

“Moving a beloved regional brand beyond the grocery store dairy case was a wonderful assignment,” said Kurt Reifschneider, GLG’s creative director. “Delivering the Alpenrose brand directly to customers’ porches was new and exciting, and our campaign captured that exuberance. Also, who doesn’t love talking cows?”

Here’s more background on the Booz Allen brand campaign and Alpenrose home delivery campaign. If you’d like to know more, including how you can partner with The Garrigan Lyman Group for brand strategy and digital advertising, get in touch with us here.