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What Antitrust Storm Clouds Mean for Marketers

Being skilled with a tool is a good thing, right? And the best way to get good with a tool is to practice, focus, and use that tool whenever you can, right?

That generally good idea can get you into trouble when it comes to marketing technology (martech). At The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG), we’ve always prided ourselves on having a diverse toolbox and being able to solve the needs of our clients and partners through a variety of options.

Why? First of all, when you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you are committed to a single technology, or a single offering, it’s natural to herd your clients toward that solution. It’s easier that way, after all—or at least it’s easier for you, even if it’s not the best fit for your clients.

And with recent news out of Washington, DC, another reason for not putting all your technology eggs in one basket is becoming more clear: antitrust risks. Whether one wants to attribute the news to economics or politics or something else, top tech companies and marketing platforms are coming under closer governmental scrutiny for their dominant market positions. Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are all feeling the heat as the House Judiciary Committee, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Justice Department are rattling antitrust oversight sabers.

It’s too early to forecast the eventual impact to marketers that these governmental actions will have, but GLG’s platform-agnostic approach gives clients the flexibility to more easily adapt and minimize negative consequences. I’m not saying that we don’t use Amazon Web Services for hosting or Facebook and Google for search and media placement—of course we can, and we often do. But we, and our clients, are not dependent on these big players. The GLG media team doesn’t lean too heavily on one or two platforms, and our hosting services extend into different services beyond AWS.

Because we have expertise in different technologies, platforms, and media channels, we can give our clients the best-possible results and the best chance to weather whatever storm comes out of our nation’s capital.