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3 Ways Tire Marketers Can Speed Ahead

Cars are going digital. Today’s vehicles can park themselves, drive to your front door when summoned, and travel from Boston to New York with zero emissions—on a single charge.

Historically, the one constant in a changing automotive landscape has been, literally, where the rubber meets the road. By and large, tire sales have transcended auto industry trends. But not anymore. Tires are going digital, too.

Here are three ways that tire marketers are using digital innovations to accelerate their businesses:

1. Ditch the desk.

Tire dealers traditionally operate in two worlds: outside the office with the customer and vehicle, and inside the office where orders are placed. But what if dealers could minimize that friction by bringing the office out to the lot with them?

Industry leaders are turning to BYOD policies and powerful mobile applications that marry the immediacy and impact of face-to-face selling with the power of their existing e-commerce operations. Best-in-breed mobile applications provide the dealer with all of the functionality they expect from their desktop site, in a form factor that is easy and intuitive to use while interacting with a potential customer. When a dealer can email a quote, check inventory, and place an order all from the sales floor, customers spend less time waiting and more time buying.

2. Simplify the sale.

A good salesperson knows what they sell. A great salesperson knows what will sell.

Tire marketers know that they have a huge product assortment and a wide range of customers to support. They also have to contend with the quirks of regional weather patterns and brand loyalties. It’s a lot for even the most seasoned sales team to keep up with.

Smart marketers are tilting the field in favor of their sales team by empowering dealerships to create preferred product assortments, surfacing the best products to the top of e-commerce search results. By matching the right tires to the right customer before the customer even shows up, tire industry leaders are creating easy wins for the field.

3. Go direct.

Not all consumers are comfortable buying tires on their own. That’s because they haven’t always had compelling and trustworthy e-commerce options that are easy to use.

Tire marketers have an opportunity to build intuitive, user-friendly experiences that take the guesswork out of the process. Customers can find tires that match their vehicle and fit their budget, choose an installer in their area, and arrive at the dealership on the day of installation knowing exactly what to expect—and that much more ready to purchase.

Brands That Are Gauging Success

At The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG), we’ve had the opportunity to work with automotive industry leaders on exactly these types of challenges. For American Tire Distributors (ATD), the nation’s leading tire distributor, GLG designed and developed a mobile application to bring ATD’s e-commerce platform to smartphones and tablets. The results? As of September 2017, a 12 percent year-to-date conversion rate on mobile transactions, outpacing desktop expectations. And for, a GLG website redesign resulted in over $50 million in revenue since the app launched.

To compete in 2017, tire marketers must go digital. By pairing great brands with smart technology and beautiful design, they’ll start to see the conversions roll in.