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Bellevue Arts Museum gets creative.

Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) grew out of an art fair first held in 1947 and, since 1975, has featured renowned collections from around the world while supporting the cultural vibrancy of the Northwest. Great. Then 2020 happens, and suddenly we’re all stuck at home worrying about toilet paper and murder hornets. So, what do you do when your beautiful space is COVID-shuttered? If you’re BAM, unsurprisingly, you get creative and find new ways to engage the public.

It started with the art supplies the museum had purchased for Free Family Day events, generously sponsored by T-Mobile. Without the events, the supplies needed a good home. BAM found hundreds of good homes, working with the Bellevue schools to provide art supplies for the kids participating in free Grab & Go meals or the free childcare program. Kids pick up their lunches and also receive art supplies. The museum then provides online instruction for how to use everything the kids receive. Art lives on.

Next, to satisfy the hunger for something new and exciting, the museum’s executive director and chief curator, Benedict Heywood, began doing virtual tours of current exhibits. If you’re looking for an enhanced experience, we suggest joining Ben for a look at Nicole Gordon's Asylum installation. It illustrates how a single environment can be simultaneously both a loony bin and a treasured sanctuary and safe house. Sounds a bit like what we’re all living in right now.

If you have gifts to buy or would like to support artists, you can do so at the newly launched museum shop we helped to get up and running. You can shop catalogs, posters/DVDs, store favorites, and more. Because if there was ever a time for a Tricia Stackle Rainbow Mood Brightener, it is now!

The BAM staff is fully functional and fully committed to community, education, and artists. What’s just as important, especially now, is that they’re fully open to the power of transformation. Is the museum space beautiful? Yes, absolutely. But BAM is more than just a building, and this current reality is allowing it to flourish in new ways.

We are inspired by the innovation of the BAM team and so proud to be able to help them in their mission, as it’s one we share as well. I would encourage you to think about what your customers need right now, how your unique selling proposition translates in a digital, virtual world, and maybe, how you can make that world a better place. We are more than willing to help you bring an existing idea to life digitally, or even help you find one that will move your customers.

Until then, check out the new BAM shop and bring a little more beauty into the world.