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Brand Evolution: How to Avoid the Fail and Get It Right from the Start

When companies transform through mergers, acquisitions, or other forces of business, branding and marketing communications strategies must evolve too. From current and prospective customers to employees from merged organizations to recruits seeking a great place to work, a failure to communicate with each is not an option.

One of our clients, Infinera, which itself operates in a state of constant motion in a fast-moving tech sector, recently merged with Coriant, a global supplier of open network solutions. The combined companies now represent one of the world’s largest integrated optical network equipment providers.

As Infinera’s CEO, Tom Fallon, put it, “The acquisition immediately strengthened our ability to serve a global customer base and accelerated delivery of the innovative solutions our customers demand.”

The acquisition also necessitated a new brand strategy, new messaging, and new website development. Infinera looked to GLG, and we were ready.

GLG’s brand strategists and UX and design teams collaborated with the Infinera marketing team to define website requirements, distill the new positioning, and develop a framework for the messaging and visual direction that would follow.

“GLG proved themselves to be great collaborators,” said Rob Shore, senior vice president of marketing at Infinera. “Their strong points of view really helped to push us and get the website where it needed to be.”

The redeveloped website launched with a new brand story that reflected the company’s evolution away from a product-focused business toward a solutions-centered company. The solutions Infinera now offers prompt a deeper dive into the company’s expansive (and acquisition-fueled) product portfolio where custom-built packages are generated and longer-term relationships are established. All of which makes for better outcomes for both Infinera and its customers.

“As we listened to customers after the merger, rebranding, and website launch, we could hear that they were getting the right message,” said Rob. “Confidence in our mission to deliver innovative, game-changing technology is clearly riding high.”

Acquisitions happen. Get your company’s refreshed brand messaging dialed in first, and then get out front with it. And, like Infinera, if your company operates with a sense of motion, agility, and foresight, you’ll be in a better position to evolve your brand cleanly and come out in a better position for it.

We’re always here to help you make it happen.