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5 Ways to Create Great Brand Experiences (Even in Not-So-Great Times)

If there’s one thing brands have learned over the last six months, it’s that people are paying attention. Consumers are watching how brands are responding to the pandemic and to Black Lives Matter, they’re keeping track of how well brands are treating their employees, and they’re definitely taking note of how they themselves are being treated.

That level of scrutiny can mean trouble for unprepared brands that jump from campaign to campaign and silo their marketing, sales, and HR efforts, but it can be a boon to companies who are already thinking holistically about how people connect emotionally with their brand.

How can your company avoid being caught flat-footed by the times? Here are five simple ways to create great brand experiences.

1. Map out the customer journey.

Examine how people research, trial, and ultimately use your product through to the end of the product’s useful life.

2. Create emotional engagement.

Look for areas that have the highest potential for emotional engagement, such as the anticipation of delivery, the unboxing, or the first use. Leverage these moments with ways in which you can amplify and extend those discovery moments to engage with the customer.

3. Keep track of your customers.

Keep a pulse on how your products or services are used by your customers. Survey your customers and engage with them on social media to see your products in daily use. Follow up on reviews and be on the lookout for areas of improvement or innovation.

4. Foster a sense of community.

Connect with your customers by allowing them to share their interests, experiences, and unique ways of interacting with your brand. Consider hosting events, whether virtual or live, to bring your community together.

5. Inspire your staff to live your brand values.

Empower frontline employees to deliver on your brand promise.

As brands compete for attention in the waning days of quarantine, the winners will be those creating experiences that authentically express their brand personality in an engaging, customer-centric way. So take the time to reexamine your brand strategy, articulate how you are currently positioning your brand, communicate clearly what your brand stands for, and imagine how you can foster moments of connection with your employees and customers.

Regardless of your category, your buyers are people. They don’t want to be frustrated, waste time, or be confused by fractured messages. The more you can eliminate points of frustration and create experiences that bring joy, the better you will be at delivering on your brand promise and building loyalty.