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It’s business as unusual.

Someday we’ll all be back in our offices, but if you think we’ll be the same, you might be missing an opportunity. Smart companies are using this time to innovate and even transform.

One such company is Savor Seattle, a tourism-based business that provides food tours in and around the world-famous Pike Place Market. Angela Shen is the founder and CEO of Savor Seattle.

"Obviously with COVID, Savor Seattle could no longer bring people to Pike Place Market, so instead we had to find a way to bring Pike Place Market to the people," said Angela.

Her idea was to engage market vendors and curate boxes to sell to a public that was stuck at home.

With GLG’s help, Savor Seattle was able to quickly implement a simple website that allows the company to tell its story and carry out its new business model. Food, flowers, coffee, art, and more can now be shipped around the country.

Not only has it meant big business for Savor Seattle—the company is actually bringing in three to four times more revenue than when it was selling live tours—but it’s also kept local farmers and market vendors going.

A smart pivot, a simple website, and willing partners. Tourism may never be the same.

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