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Transforming the Giving Experience

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.” —Maya Angelou

At GLG, we move brands forward. The cornerstone is customer experience transformation, which means radically improving the customer experience while enhancing the digital needs of the business to make that happen. So when we met with the founder of the new Cauze app in our Boise office, we were knocked out. Why? Because the Cauze app has the power to transform charitable giving. And it does so by making the giver the hero.

Here’s an example. Say that we just saw a news story about a nonprofit providing food and shelter for victims of the California fires and we are moved to help. We open the Cauze app, find that organization, put in the dollar amount, and BOOM! This is powerful stuff. Cauze puts the givers at the center of WHO they give to, HOW they give, and WHEN they give, instantly, with just a click. It’s about as frictionless and immediate to giving as it can get.

The Cauze giving model works on a number of levels. Nonprofits can tap into the “latent good” of their supporters who would donate more if it were easy. Companies can run promotions encouraging customers to download the app and then placing initial amounts, say $10, into their accounts. And we think the potential to follow a cause, your friends, and your favorite nonprofits through the app is limitless.

Cauze is a radically better way to support charitable giving. So this holiday season, GLG is setting aside a healthy budget so that every GLG employee can use the power of the Cauze app to support the nonprofits they care most about. Check out this short video we made to share what we’re doing.

Jason Hausske, CEO and founder of Cauze, says the idea came to him when he realized how difficult it was to give. “How many times have you been inspired to give but simply weren’t sure how? Maybe you didn’t want to spend ten minutes going through a credit card form that is different every time you want to give. Or maybe you didn’t think your donation would make a difference. Or maybe you’d rather give with friends than give alone. Whatever the obstacle was before, Cauze changes all that.”

At GLG, we’re thrilled to find a way to support charitable giving that has the support of all of our employees. Of course, we’ll still continue to be involved with great nonprofits such as Bellevue Arts Museum, Wellspring Family Services, the Idaho Technology Council, and many others. But now we can support a much wider variety of great causes by empowering every member of the GLG team to give.

Typically, the holiday season is when giving is in the spotlight. But we all KNOW our communities have needs every day of the year, not just in December. So let me take this moment to encourage everyone, especially business leaders, to check out Download the app and get a sense for how easy it is and how effective it can be. Then let the transformation of giving begin.