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Can Clubhouse Grow Your Business?

Clubhouse is a unique social media platform that’s growing rapidly in terms of popularity and subscribers. What’s so different about it? Here we go:

  1. Clubhouse isn’t Zoom. It isn’t Facebook with written content and photos. And it’s not TikTok or Twitter. Nope, Clubhouse is audio only. And it’s live. Think of it more like a podcast, but it’s not recorded, and you join in from your phone.

  2. Wait! What? Imagine being in a large convention center, and as you stroll down the aisles, you stop in to the booths that interest to you. Clubhouse is the audio version of this. You can find a topic that interests you, join that room, and listen to the speakers and ask a question. It’s a wonderful place to learn and to share and grow.

  3. Clubhouse is currently iPhone and iPad only. If you own an Android device, think about getting a used iPhone and connecting via your Wi-Fi network. And consider having one of these devices just for Clubhouse. Why? Because the topics, the entrepreneurs, the artists are everywhere here, which is exciting, but it can be addictive, depending on how you’ve set up notifications. Elon Musk invited Vladimir Putin to join him on Clubhouse last month, and you can imagine being in a room during that discussion.

  4. If you’re an expert on a topic, you can teach it. If you’re an author, you can talk about your expertise and promote your book. If you’re an artist, you can share your creative genius with other artists and fans.

  5. The founders got it right. They wanted to bring people together, and Clubhouse has a friendly, casual, and respectful culture. It is collaboration at a very high level.

  6. One million new users are being added every week now. Since January, subscribers have soared from one million to over ten million today.

  7. Clubhouse is free, but it’s by invitation only. The fear-of-missing-out aspect is quite interesting and creates intrigue for sure. But you don’t need to buy an invitation off eBay.

Clubhouse can grow your business. If you’re wondering how or if you’re looking for an invite, click here to let me know.