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What do CMOs want?

Times change quickly. Culture shifts. New technologies abound. And chief marketing officers (CMOs) have to keep up with it all.

Given the climate, you might think that the top priority for CMOs would be partnering with an agency that is on top of the latest trends. But you’d be wrong.

So what do CMOs actually want most?

It’s not an agency that can do virtual reality. It’s not an agency that can do social. It’s not an agency that can do video. What CMOs really want in an agency has little to do with capabilities.

More than anything else, CMOs want an agency they can TRUST.

And for CMOs, that means three things:

First, it means having an agency partner that can act as an extension of their own team. CMOs want an agency that is already smart about their business. They don’t want to spend time reeducating their partners about their industry. In CMOs’ ideal world, their agency already understands their business so well that conversations lead quickly to action.

Second, it means having an agency that isn’t a yes-man. CMOs want an agency that isn’t afraid to respectfully challenge their thinking. They want an agency that is thoughtful and engages their team in productive dialogue. The most valuable agency partner for CMOs is one that brings a new perspective to the table to push the team toward the best-possible solutions.

Third, it means having an agency that understands the big picture of their work. CMOs want an agency that can help them stitch together the different silos of marketing, from demand generation to PR to advertising. They want an agency they trust to provide the strategy, integrated capabilities, and visible analytics to organize and unite all their departments’ activities so they can be more effective.

The feedback that we’ve gotten over and over from our clients, like CMO Olivier Thierry from Quorum: What they love most about us is that we’re an agency they TRUST. We make their business our business, their success our success. And at the end of the day, that’s what CMOs care about most.