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Content marketing is a many-flavored thing. It can be funny, informational, educational, or inspirational. It can be a video, a photo, an infographic, a white paper, or a Tweet. But at the end of the day, it must be—above all else—valuable.

Dialing in that value and creating a strategy to get it out there is no easy thing. It requires attention to detail, attention to the data, attention to your customer’s behavior, and attention to the sites your customer likes to surf. When it’s done right, people notice. People like us.

Great examples we like

Here are a few examples of marketers who have made the “all in” commitment to content marketing. As you look at each example, consider how each company offers content that is consistent with its brand but also caters to the values, interests, passions, and curiosities of its target audience; how each brand becomes part of customers’ lives and doesn’t interrupt them; and how really great content resonates on multiple levels with brand ambassadors with varying interests.

Mounted camera manufacturer GoPro distributes content through social and owned channels that resonates not only with fans of the technology but also with fans of, say, big cats. Or snowboarding. Or sailing. And GoPro isn’t the only distributor of its content. Users of the product are also—aggressively—generating and sharing much of the content. Get the picture?

Red Bull also gets double duty from its video content, lifting its brand and adding value for both brand users and content enthusiasts.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, the director of content strategy and integration from Kraft said that the ROI on Kraft’s content marketing work is among the highest of all its marketing efforts.

Who’s high on your list of great content marketers? Feel free to comment and share. In the meantime, here are a few other content marketers doing it right.

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