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A Simple Approach to Radically Improving Your Customer Experience

Many industry leaders discuss the importance of digital transformation but then quickly find themselves in a debate about what that term actually means. Isn’t everything digital today? Are there any parts of my business operation that shouldn’t become digital? Defining boundaries (i.e., investment priorities, project scopes, capability requirements, etc.) is an overwhelming task if your lens is the term digital.

At GLG, we take a different approach. We start by asking, “How can we radically improve the customer experience?” Only then do we select the tools in our digital toolbox to be deployed. 

An equally important consideration is balancing customers needs with your businesss goals and capabilities, much in the same way a restaurant thinks about the front-of-house experience and its back-of-house operations, or the way a theater thinks about its stage and its backstage area. The vision of preparing and serving an amazing meal isn’t worth much if your kitchen can’t bring it to life. 

At GLG, we tie these ideas together in a simple framework for radically improving the customer experience (CX). We determine:

1) Insight: What’s true today?

2) Vision: What’s our vision for tomorrow?

3) Execution: What’s the plan for how we get there?

Along the way, we ask and answer crucial questions that consider customer transformation through customer and business lenses.

The work required to radically transform the customer experience can be hard. The approach doesn’t have to be.