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The Plot Twist in Modern Book Marketing

Change is exponential. Just let that short little sentence sink in for a second.

The idea expressed by Ray Kurzweil in his seminal 1999 book The Age of Spiritual Machines is that the rate of change in a variety of evolutionary systems tends to increase exponentially. So not only is change constant, as the old saying goes, but the rate of change is increasing exponentially.

Big ideas like this are top of mind at GLG these days because we’ve had the distinct honor of working with inventor, futurist, and best-selling author Ray Kurzweil on the promotion of his latest project, Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine, which goes on sale today. The novel, which is about a young character who changes the world through the power of her ideas, comes with two companion books that expand on the concepts in the novel and resources for how readers can turn their own passions into world-changing action.

Along with technology, add book promotion to the list of evolutionary systems that are rapidly changing. Here are three ways raising awareness and generating interest for a new book happen in new ways today.

Social Strategy

One key to driving interest among readers today is having a consistent, credible, and engaging social presence. Long before today’s book launch, the team behind the Danielle character established a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to raise awareness about topics covered in the novel and shine a light on “real-life Danielles” who are out there changing the world right now, such as Katie Bouman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Param Jaggi. Social media provides a platform to engage audiences and test messaging to see what resonates. Data from these interactions has been critical in honing tactics and optimizing the prelaunch campaign.


Teen readers and parents are two important audiences, so influencers were engaged to create content and raise the profile of Danielle in an organic and authentic way. A teen influencer campaign was deployed that included young scientists, actors, acrobats, chefs, dancers, and makeup artists chosen for their talent, their number of followers, and their engagement rate with followers. Simultaneously, a parent blogger campaign reached out to moms with posts and organic content about the book. This content was then shared on all Danielle social channels.

E-Commerce Web

Sure, like most other books, Danielle is being sold at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent book retailers across the country, but as word got out and interest grew in the months before release, it was vital to have a digital destination that gave readers a sneak peek at the content, shared advance praise, and let readers preorder the book. The preorder site included e-commerce to accept preorder sales and featured videos showing early reactions from boysgirls, and adult readers.

Like the real-life Danielles who are changing our world exponentially through the power of their ideas, modern book marketing is writing a brave new chapter. Data and digital tactics, especially connecting with audiences through social media before and after public release, are where the real story is.