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Digital Transformation Demystified

At the end of the day, transformation is just change dressed up in a big word. But somehow, “digital change” doesn’t seem to cut it in describing the painstaking effort of turning your enterprise technology stack into something that actually solves the needs of the business AND its customers. Further, the word digital carries all kinds of stigmas about “technology this and microservices that” and replacing “there’s an app for that” with “there’s an API for that.”

Enough already. Let’s simplify it.

Let’s start by understanding where we are. What is the customer experience like? And in asking this question, stick to the basics. No one is really asking for a flying car or a time machine…yet. But until then, your customers are hungry for the things that are important to them: their data, their account with you, the personal touch that your digital experience provides them, and that the technology that drives it is invisible. Once we understand this, we can look at systems and be brutally honest in asking, “Does our stuff do that?” If it doesn’t, congratulations—you just found a gap. The next step is understanding what it takes to close it.

As we wash, rinse, and repeat in this process, we will understand a multitude of ways that customers experience touch points with your brand, what the gaps are between where you are and where you need to be, and the steps you need to take. Prioritizing those items into a roadmap will get you on your way to digital transformation. But this is where it often gets dicey. Stakeholders need to align, and prioritization needs to be based on something everyone can agree on: the complexity of the item to be prioritized, and the impact it will have on the customer’s experience and the overall health of the business.