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Backstage at a Digital Transformation

Most Oscars viewers started their Oscars experience about an hour before the big show started: making the popcorn, uncorking the wine, watching the red carpet shows, absorbing the gossip, etc. But the producers of the Oscars began their journey months ago, probably right after the curtain dropped on last year’s big show. In the Oscars, for every moment that draws you in, from the opening of the envelope to the acceptance speech to the winner being played off the stage by the orchestra, those carefully planned pieces enable the show to happen flawlessly. So much so that any small flaw is picked up on by the audience and becomes a legendary meme within moments of it happening. The same is true with creating an amazing digital experience for your brand. Taking on a digital transformation is a major production. While a digital experience is informing and entertaining for your customer, there are hundreds of interactions, data points, and systems that are communicating to ensure that experience is, well, award-winning.

At GLG, our transformation efforts begin with understanding the needs of our customers and what data is most important to them, whether that’s product data, account data, inventory, pricing, or delivery dates. And then we think about producing an experience that lives up to those expectations. But living up to the goal of creating a flawless experience and wrangling that data into a customer-facing format can be a laborious task. We work with your internal subject matter experts to learn how customers consume that data. That’s the important and critical first step. Creating an ecosystem that allows the right players to interact with the data your customers count on using the right manual processes makes all the difference in being able to scale and maintain a flawless customer experience, just like the best Oscars telecast you’ve ever seen.

When you have your analytics and performance framework so streamlined that your customers don’t even think about what’s going on backstage, you’ve got a hit show on your hands. From there, take a breath, and then it’s time to start considering more advanced use cases for the data you’re gathering, and then ratcheting up the elements of your ideal customer experience. Create a digital transformation that’s deserving of an Oscar, and no one will care how long your acceptance speech is!