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Introducing Discovery ONE

Discovery ONE was born out of the pandemic and ineffective online sessions. Andy Lueck, SVP, Creative & Strategy at DCG ONE, wanted to solve how to brainstorm more effectively with clients. Discovery ONE is a blueprint-to-playbook process for identifying and solving sales and marketing challenges. It is a tightly managed and moderated brainstorming session with a clear agenda, along with some technology assistance, to uncover and shine a light on opportunities.

Working with you, we identify your biggest challenge to frame and set up the session. Then in the moderated hour-long virtual whiteboard session using our proprietary framework, we get a deeper understanding of your challenge and aspirations to reveal an approach to solving that challenge. Our clients have laughingly called it a great marketing therapy session!

Out of the moderated session, our team of marketing strategists and technology experts synthesizes the learnings to define actionable strategies and activities to present and deliver to you. We can help you with those initiatives, or you can take the information and implement it however you wish.

Get some fresh eyes on those gnarly problems, and let us assist you in a solution! Shoot us an email at or, or give us a call at 206.223.5548.