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Email Marketing Is Like a Long-Distance Love Affair

All relationships are different, but the best way to nurture them comes down to some super simple rules: Look people in the eye. Really listen to what they say. Meet them halfway when change is needed. Don’t give up when it gets tough. Marketing follows these same principles. But what if you’re not even in the same place? Enter email: the perfect marketing tool for our socially distanced times.

By now, most marketers know some of the basics of good email marketing: Thursdays are great for open rates, Tuesdays are great for click-throughs, and twice a month is a solid cadence. But what makes an email strategy successful is ultimately about how well it conforms to the needs we all have as people. And what makes it so powerful is that you get to keep trying and testing new ways to deepen your bond. Here are some things to keep in mind as you put the effort into creating great customers.

Make a good first impression.

In person, it may be your brand’s quick wit and winning smile. But how do you create that spark over email? Rule number one is to know who you’re writing to. Segmentation is the way you tailor the right messages to the right people. Any good campaign begins with knowing your different audiences so you can talk about things that matter to them. When a stranger feels heard and understood, they’re more likely to become a friend.

Be a good listener.

Correspondence doesn’t end after you’ve spoken your mind. Being on the receiving end is just as important. If you’ve done good segmentation, you’ll probably get some responses right off the bat. But no brand is perfect. So learn from what you see, and try out different opening lines. Look for similarities among the people who seem to like what you’re saying, and adjust accordingly.

As your relationship deepens, continue to track what your audience members are interested in so you can personalize offers and content to demonstrate that you value them by listening to what they care about. Hint: Don’t be afraid to ask! When they’re not overdone, surveys can lead to breakthroughs.

Match your message.

For any given messagesay, a product launchyour approach needs to be in line with the kinds of exchanges you’ve already had. A new customer will need more context than a loyal one. So segment your messages by your objective: Are you generating demand? Nurturing existing leads? Building loyalty and retention? Consider what your audience members care about and the action you want them to take, and you’ll be more able to take the relationship to the next step.

Don’t give up.

When you don’t hear back from someone for a while, it’s natural to think they’re just no longer that into you. Maybe so, maybe not. It can also be a question of timingwho knows what’s going on in their world? It pays to keep at it and acknowledge that you might have to add a little extra to earn back their attention.

Consider the lifecycle of renewals or replenishment, the seasonality of buying. Think of how often you have something truly unique to offer in terms of product, service, or insight. Be patient, but don’t be afraid to be persistent. Keep up your half of the conversation, even if for a while it’s just a one-way street.

Correspond with caring.

While email mechanics are important, care is what deepens relationships. To keep your audience, let alone get them hooked, you’ve got to reflect their interests and their relationship status. You’ve got to demonstrate you actively care about them, that you value their time and attention.

The good news is that since we’re all spending a bit more time communicating online these days, people are open to embracing a long-distance relationship if it feels right. So with a caring, human approach, email can be a powerful way to deepen ties with your brand. Who knows? The love you find might last a lifetime.