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Essential Cuts: Customer Success

No blind spots, no order takers, no bad restaurant reservations. Tara dishes out the essentials for ensuring strong partnerships, maximizing cross-team collaboration, and delivering on customer success.

Tara shares her insight on the essentials of customer success.

Tara’s Perspective

I have had coffee. I don't typically drink coffee, so I don't know that's going to work out well for us. And I do talk fast, because I am from the East Coast, so I will try to slow down. OK.

My name is Tara Quist; I am the executive director of customer success at GLG. I've been with GLG for over eight years, and my role is to ensure that all our clients here at GLG have the best experience working with us and our teams.

I'm always thinking about the customer. I'm thinking about what experience they're having, their projects, how we can do better, how we can deliver a better experience for them. I like to ask a lot of questions of the teams. I like to ask a lot of questions about the ongoing projects we have. And during the projects, as the projects are happening, what we can be doing in the moment for our clients so that it's driving a better experience and overall deliverable for our client. Consistency with our teams is imperative.

The Value of Independence

As an independent organization and a strategic partner for our clients, we're able to get to the work fast. We're not very layered, we're not huge, we're not one of those big conglomerates that our clients like to avoid. When they come to us, they know that they're going to get, not only incredible-quality work and amazing collaboration and a super fun experience, but they're also going to get a fast turnaround. They're not going to have to jump through a lot of hoops because we're not very layered. We get busy, and we get busy fast with our clients, solving the problems that they need right away.

A Trusted Resource

You know, we at GLG, we're very authentic. And I like to have fun, I like people, I like to talk to people, I like to experience the relationship with our clients and really move it in directions that are fun because we can talk about a lot of different things, which is fantastic, and I love being a trusted resource for them. I have become, and I know many members of GLG and many, many people within our team become a trusted resource for our clients on all different subjects, from not only the project and the challenges in front of them, but maybe some business decisions, or helping them resource a role, or perhaps just our opinion on something based on the knowledge we know. And so, being a trusted resource for our client actually helps bring that relationship to a whole different level, and it's super, super fun. It's really fun. We have a great time together.