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Feeling Zoomed Out? Raise Your Expectations.

Anyone can do a Zoom call. In fact, everyone is doing Zoom calls these days in place of in-person meetings. Remember when a live video conference was kind of a special occasion? How quaint. Now it’s on our calendars six times a day. If you’re feeling a little Zoomed out, you’re not alone.

The recent GLG Consumer and Brand Behavior Report: Fall 2020 shares how the ubiquity of virtual meetings is leading to fatigue with participants. How do companies and brands still impress, inform, and entertain audiences in this environment? We’re answering the call at The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) with #GLGevents, turning ho-hum virtual events into exciting and engaging interactive experiences. Think of it as fast-paced interactive television, with people joining via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other popular platforms and engaging with presenters and digital content hosted from a state-of-the-art production studio.

Technology is a key component, integrating just the right tools, but the real magic happens via the content. GLG has brought together a team of national Emmy-Award-winning TV executives and writers, along with brand strategists, designers, and technology professionals, to up level the experience and create more impact. From virtual conferences to product announcements, quarterly earnings calls, fundraisers, and all-hands meetings, we’re creating a revolution in virtual events that is increasing registrations, attendance, and engagement.

Don’t let your next big event, which will surely be a virtual event, land with a thud. When you want to impress, inform, and entertain, check out #GLGevents. Our expertise in creating live television events combined with our knowledge of brand strategy, marketing, and advertising could be exactly what you need. We’ve been moving brands forward for 27 years now. Let’s move forward together—virtually.