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Turn your gaps inside out.

Any major digital initiative requires thoughtful planning and an understanding of what the project requires to be a success. But how do you know what the right requirements are? At The Garrigan Lyman Group, we like to start by finding the gaps. Knowing what is missing from your current state enables us to uncover what needs to be done to reach your desired end state.

An often underconsidered challenge of determining the work required to meet a digital transformation goal is knowing—really knowing—where you are starting from. For instance, you may be acutely aware that your digital asset management (DAM) software should be feeding the product detail pages on your website. But do you know what it will take to reliably get the right information out of your DAM? Do you know if any services exist that connect your DAM to your content management system, or will you need to create a custom service?

When we facilitate collaborative digital strategy sessions, a lot of time is spent at the whiteboard mapping out systems and processes. This “whiteboard time” is illuminating for all involved. Stakeholders representing various corners of the companies we work with help us to piece together where they are and align on where they need to be in the future. And from there, we can see in sharp relief the gaps that need to be addressed to get from A to B.

By turning these gaps inside out, we then get the functional requirements for the success of your digital initiatives. By capturing the requirements in the literal context of what is missing from turning an initiative into a success, you simplify all future prioritization and decision-making as you go forward and construct your implementation roadmap.