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8,000 Reasons to Celebrate - Five Reasons Why Digital Marketing

About two weeks ago, someone mentioned to Rebecca (Lyman) and I that we just logged our 8,000th day at GLG. We looked at each other, smiled, and then kept moving. Moving—it’s all we’ve been doing since we opened our doors in May of 1993. And over the last 22 years we evolved, kept pace, and kept innovating to make our clients successful.

In 2015, as a strategic digital marketing agency, we want to help you build your brand in a more meaningful way, to get to market quicker, to grow revenue faster, and to innovate routinely. Here are five reasons you should be investing in digital marketing.

It can extend your brand to new geographies. Digital marketing techniques make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to deploy assets and pilot-test when entering new markets.

It creates a competitive advantage. Digital allows brands to quickly associate a new product, line, or division with a new market.

It improves your brand’s decision-making process. Digital marketing usually requires that you break down functional barriers and force different parts of the organization to work together. 

It makes your brand more money. Conducting cost-effective testing (like quick email deployments, searches, and ad tests) can tell you what will drive more action by the consumer.

It drives you to innovate. Digital technology allows you to test new concepts and approaches quickly with lower risk and cost, delivering crucial analytic and social media feedback, often in real time.

As we celebrate GLG’s birthday, Rebecca and I thank you for your support and belief in GLG. It’s been a great 22 years. And we’re looking forward to tomorrow.