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Preparing for the Comeback

As a country, we’ve been through this before. The Spanish Flu of 1918–1920 took 675,000 American lives and confounded a post–World War I economy. There were more pandemics: Asian Flu, Swine Flu, and Ebola. Though less deadly in the US than the Spanish Flu, each of the subsequent outbreaks had economic impacts that had to be reckoned with.

What did we learn then that we can use now?

Plenty. And I knew just the right person to talk to about all of this. Bill Benjamin is an investment banker and managing partner at Boise-based Galena Capital Partners. Bill also knows his history. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion that’s equal parts fascinating and important. We start with an enlightening review of infamous pandemics in American history and the still-relevant lessons learned. Then we break down the congressional CARES Act and ask the question we all want to know the answer to: Is the government stimulus package enough to help the economy through this crisis and keep businesses open?

Finally, there will be life after COVID-19. That much we’re sure of. We discuss what companies should be thinking about now to prepare for the postpandemic comeback.

That said, before any kind of recovery begins, Bill and I agree that there is one thing—above all else—that needs to happen first.