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A new story to tell. A new website to tell it.

This month, we’ve launched a brand-spanking-new The process has been hair-raising and invigorating, as you might expect. And it all started by asking a few basic questions: How do we show that we’re a totally new organization? How do we make our brand experience radically better? And how do we build the site so it continues to stay relevant and fresh? Just updating a few pages and adding new examples of client work wouldn’t signal how deep the change at GLG is. We needed a totally new vision for our website that told the story of GLG today.

Hear from the GLG team that designed and built the new

We started with the audience.

Like we do with all of our clients, we wanted to understand the audience. We got smart on who visits—primarily chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives—so we could craft an experience tailored to them. Busy executives want to understand what makes GLG unique, see relevant work, and meet the team behind the company. They also want to see that GLG can help drive results. They don’t have time to dig around; they need the story quickly and clearly. Another key audience is potential employees, so we took care to show off GLG as a great place for smart and talented people to grow their careers.

Data pointed the way.

And as we spent time looking at the analytics of the website, it quickly became clear that the majority of our visitors were spending time visiting the core pages—About, Work, Careers, and Blog—and then visiting a few featured pages that were linked from there. An inventory quickly revealed that our website had grown to almost 300 pages, with 150 of them being client work showcases, and only 20 of those pages were getting any significant visitors or views. The data showed us that our visitors wanted to learn more about GLG, look at some of our client work, see who was on the team, and check out career opportunities. Our biweekly blog was some of our top traffic-driving content, but a deeper dive into the data revealed that those visitors read a post and then left the website; bounce rate was higher than we wanted it to be.

All in all, our analysis revealed that we were in need of a serious edit and a new website experience. We knew that rather than a visual refresh of our website, we needed a complete overhaul from the ground up.

We created a new vision.

With what we learned from our analytics research and insight about our audience, we developed a new strategy that guided the user experience design, design system, copywriting, and development: be bold, be simple, and get out of the way.

Here are some of the core ideas that are the north star for our new website:

Design to encourage conversation.
“No dead ends” is a core tenet of the experience design. Every single piece of content on the new website is crafted with clear and easy ways to dig deeper into the work we do or the thought leadership we bring. And each page ends with a unique call to action that encourages conversation and dialogue. The website is crafted to encourage exploration and more engagement.

Don’t get in the way of the work.
The work we do every day is the work that we do for our clients. The new brings that to the front of the experience, literally. Our homepage is the gateway to our work. Big immersive images and an experience design that brings to mind media channels such as Netflix and Hulu meet visitors on the homepage. The primary navigation also brings visitors directly to each client feature without a visit to an “our work” page. Our featured client work has been edited down to a select list that best represents the results we deliver.

The copy is minimal, sets the strategy for the work, and then shows the results of the project.

Design, build, and plan for evolution.
Websites should never be a static brochure and should always have a plan for growth and change over time. We started with a plan for evolution from the very moment we started the redesign. We approached the design system as components that we can use to create new pages that support campaigns and new content. We rely on Umbraco as our content management system of choice because it means we can build for flexibility in executing new content in the future without reliance on the front end and back end development team.

GLG gets a new brand voice.

And, not unlike many website redesigns, recrafting meant taking a look at how our brand and culture were communicated throughout the site. Our new copy tone is direct and straight to the point, with the approachability that is a key part of the GLG culture. The typography is bold and iconic, and the way we treat the work is as impactful as the work we do for our clients.

A great work culture is an important part for clients and for people looking for careers; instead of focusing on a culture section, the new brand direction tells the culture of GLG on every single page of the new website. Culture isn’t relegated to the Careers section. It is infused in everything.

This launch is just one of the milestones we have planned for the website. We will keep looking at the analytics to ensure that our visitors are going deeper. And we will evolve with this new vision in mind.

And as business, technology, and the agency change over time, we will plan for what change comes next. Keep an eye on this space.