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Are You in Step with Hispanic Consumers?

Hispanics whose mobile devices drive shopping behavior tend to show very high interest in footwear. What? You didn’t know that? We did. We found it among the many nuggets of truth uncovered by the remarkable Cubeyou research platform. What else did we find? Well, for some brands, the truth stings a little.

In part 2 of GLG’s Truth Be Told series, we’ll take a deep dive inside what is now the second-largest ethnic demographic (after non-Hispanic whites) in the US. In particular, we’ll explore two key areas that could and should influence the way you market to Hispanics: Mobile phone use and purchasing habits.

Right away, we see in the data that Hispanics over-index relative to the overall US population as consumers who are more likely to shop and consume content on their mobile devices.

But let’s dig beyond this high-level insight for more detailed information, something more revealing. This thread, for example: Cubeyou data shows that Hispanics who rely on their mobile devices for shopping behavior tend to show very high interest in footwear.

More Sharpness

Not only can we identify footwear brands that are most relevant (a combination of popularity and reach); we can also identify brands that fall in the lowest portion of the relevance spectrum.

US Hispanics who tend to have high usage of their mobile devices while shopping tend to favor Adidas and Converse while not being so hot for New Balance and Under Armour.

Consequently, Adidas and Converse could and should be motivated to ramp up their mobile marketing throughout the customer journey. Under Armour and New Balance should view the data as something of a wake-up call.

Measuring Media

The Cubeyou platform not only provides GLG with a deep and rich psychographic snapshot of consumers; it also provides data showing the best media to reach them. Many research tools provide media channel usage data. But Cubeyou also provides insights into consumers’ social attitudes about these media channels. These insights allow us to see where the strongest and weakest loyalties lie when examining the media spectrum.

As expected, Hispanics who use their mobile devices for shopping behavior use apps at a very high rate. Perhaps unexpected is the extent of reach and relevance of television, particularly over websites. Though websites reach a high proportion of Hispanic mobile shoppers, their relevance when it comes to positive brand and product perception under-indexes relative to the whole US population. This somewhat counterintuitive finding is important as marketers evaluate the best media and creative to reach this audience.

If television is the surprise, let’s take a deeper look. The following chart excludes Univision and Telemundo which, as is to be expected, perform well:

Note the dominance of MTV, Sky Sports (a European sports channel), and the National Geographic channel.

When considering how to reach Hispanics with a higher propensity to shop via their mobile devices, the takeaway here is to consider TV advertising that is aligned with popular music, European sports (most likely soccer), and nature/exploration. Makes you wonder if New Balance could improve its relevance ratings within this demographic with an MTV campaign featuring Hispanic players.

Just as important is noting the least-relevant channel: ESPN. Do you think that might influence your media buy or creative approach? It should.

Our Truth Be Told series continues on March 29 with a look at millennials―a generation now surpassing baby boomers as the largest in the US. Make sure you catch the entire series by subscribing to the GLG blog digest right now.

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