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’Tis the Season for the Highest Competition on Social Advertising

It’s no secret that holiday shopping will look a little different this year. With the impact of the pandemic, brands are already hard at work to ensure that their online shopping experience is customer focused (for both mobile and desktop) and ready to go for the holiday rush. And according to Facebook, 12 percent of holiday shoppers surveyed in the US use Facebook products to buy, gift, or shop for themselves,1 so having a strong social strategy is important.

If you have not already seen the increase in holiday advertising on your devices, you soon will. Digital ads are already flying across screens left and right in the homes of many Americans as they prepare early for virtual holidays. We are here to help your brand prepare for the increase in competition on social and catch the eye of holiday shoppers fast and cost-effectively.

Facebook’s Holiday Insights for 20202 reveal what customers are expecting this holiday season and why planning is essential in creating a successful social media campaign. Holiday shoppers are seeking content that is both informative and creative, with a nod toward informative (22 percent of respondents) and authentic (20 percent) versus entertaining (18 percent) and creative (16 percent).

With these top factors in mind, how does your strategy compare? These activities are critical when building your overall campaign strategy, so keep them top of mind. We know what the audience wants (or hopes) to see. Let’s start strategizing.

Before the Holidays

Ideally, before the holiday season began, you invested in brand awareness. Building brand awareness creates demand and ultimately gets new customers excited about your business. The key is to launch these campaigns early to pave the way for healthier sales when shoppers are searching to find the perfect gift (and want to get it fast). The earlier you reach new customers, the more likely you are to keep your per-click or per-impression costs lower while you continue to grow your reach.

During the Holidays

Now that you have done the foundational work, it’s time to continue the momentum and drive sales to your business. The goal now is to maximize results and reach prospective customers that you worked so hard to get in front of before the holidays. They may have even already demonstrated an interest in your brand by visiting your site, or they may have even purchased a product recently. And to really knock sales out of the park and increase conversions, testing different ads, making optimizations based on performance, and maximizing your budget are a must.

Your overall holiday campaign strategy may be complete, but what about your messaging and creative? According to Facebook, users are spending on average 1.7 seconds on a piece of mobile content and 2.5 seconds on desktop,3 so the first impression is key. Don’t worry! As daunting as having less than 3 seconds to prove your product’s value sounds, it is achievable. And keep in mind the importance of creating content tailored to each unique device to ensure that your customers have the best experience no matter if they’re on the couch (often on a mobile device) or at their desk (and check off the “hassle-free” box for virtual shopping).

Mobile continues to grow as the easiest way for all demographics to discover products and services. In particular, percentage growth for Gen X was up 72 percent and boomers were up 80 percent from 2018 to 2019.1

After the Holidays

All right, so you killed it this holiday season. Now what? The goal is to gain loyalty and turn new customers into repeat customers. Retargeting your preholiday clients through January and beyond with a special offer is one way to start. The GLG media team is here to help before, during, and after the holidays to make sure you get the biggest return from your advertising investment. It’s a gift that feels good anytime of year.


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