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What Is an Integrated Advertising Campaign?

As you’re sitting there wondering what you should be doing in this new reality, your mind may wander to an amazing campaign you’ve seen. If you’re like most marketers, you might ask yourself, “How the heck did that get made?”

On the GLG creative team, we get that question a lot. Recently, it was in response to a campaign for Smith Brothers Farms. While not a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl push, our campaign did share some of the same characteristics.

Smith Brothers Farms has been around for 100 years delivering fresh milk and eggs up and down the Puget Sound area. To gain even more customers, the company needed to command attention. As the old saying goes, “You can’t bore anybody into online dairy delivery.” People say that, right?

Our idea was that any fresher than Smith Brothers would be too fresh.

And it worked. Ads ran on Facebook and Instagram for several months and were optimized according to their performance on a daily basis.

After raising more awareness of Smith Brothers Farms, we pivoted to a user-generated influencer campaign. You like the brand. You get the brand. And now you see yourself interacting with the brand.

Orders are up in a big way, with new customer registrations up 50% year over year. People are eating better. And, especially in times like the one we’re living in now, they don’t have to leave the house to keep their families fed.

Whether it’s milk, or well, nonmilk, we’ve learned that great creative pretty much always comes about from a few things. They are:

Clear strategy. We need to know what the problem is that we’re trying to solve. The more we understand the question, and the audience, the better we are at finding answers. There’s little value in delivering the right message to the wrong people.

Exploration. To do great ads, you have to do a lot of them. Like thousands of them. And most of those are not great. We just make enough that the odds for actually making great ads shift in our favor. Once we make them, we can fine-tune the executions based on feedback from the audience.

And finally, clients. To us, it feels like our favorite clients are torn from the same cloth as we are. They’re engaged. They are cool with a certain level of risk. They understand that what they really need to do is build a runway, knowing that their agency creative team will not only build a plane but will fly it and land it as well. Heck, we’ll even clean the cabin after the flight.

Good clients will kill work from time to time. That’s part of the job. But great clients don’t tell us how to redo it; they simply help us understand why we need to redo it. And then they turn us loose. They don’t try to solve problems and write a new ad on the spot. (Remember, their job is the runway. We’re the plane.)

Great clients don’t have a poker face. They have “tells” all over the place. They let us know what they’re feeling. When they see something unexpected, they’re almost always more curious than scared. And when they’re scared, it’s more roller coaster scared than did-I-do-my-taxes-right scared.

At GLG, we’re a full-service advertising agency, and we always thank our clients for bringing us fun projects. And we thank them for being great clients. But none of this stops us from going with a visual of a cow butt in an ad every now and then. That’s just our nature.