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Show Me the Money: Financials Up their Digital Game

As consumers become skeptical of larger financial institutions and hungrier for transparency and straight-talk, more people are considering alternative financial services and products. When it comes to account management, bill paying, investment, and monetary transfers, customers are showing little patience for antiquated user experiences and user interfaces. Poor quality micro-interactions erode credibility for financial services companies that have not modernized.

To answer this problem, smart and innovative financial services like Intuit’s Mint and Simple are beginning to crop up. And they just might change the way the world approaches finance.


Mint has reimagined the financial management user experience, allowing you to centralize and visualize your key accounts in order to identify key patterns or opportunities for financial advancement. It also offers targeted financial recommendations based on its knowledge of its customers’ financial habits. In addition to this service, Mint is a content marketing pioneer that provides valuable educational and informational financial planning information.


Simple provides a robust set of online banking features without the hassles of an offline, analog presence in the real world. Because Simple was born digital, it is not surprising that their web and mobile user experiences are stellar given that they ARE their ultimate product.


Betterment provides online investment services and advice and has accrued $1.4 billion dollars of AUM (assets under management) and 50,000 customers since it was founded in 2008. By providing an innovative user experience focused on visual clarity and transparency in regards to expenses and fees, it is no wonder that it has appealed to a contemporary target audience.

A great user experience is worth its weight in gold

More and more, financial institutions that combine financial messaging with experiences that stress transparency, generous consumer education, and enjoyable micro-interactions are causing an ever-growing number of consumers to “cut the cord” with more traditional financial institutions. So it’s no wonder that their more traditional counterparts are beginning to rethink their brand, messaging, and customer experiences. And that’s a good thing.

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