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10 Ways to Boost Your Brand with Instagram Stories

Managing your brand’s social media strategy can feel intimidating, especially when trends, features, and audiences are constantly changing. As consumers expect more authentic, relevant, and engaging content, your brand needs to be ready to deliver. Take your brand to the next level with one of social media’s hottest evolutions: Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours. Your brand can use Instagram Stories as an easy and engaging way to connect with your audiences while building brand awareness, credibility, and ROI.

Outlined below are 10 ways your brand can use Instagram Stories to shine!

1. Poll feature. Adding a poll to your Instagram Story is a great way to encourage engagement while gathering information directly from your audience. For example: Not sure what your audience is most interested in? Ask! Audience members’ answers allow your brand to tailor content based on responses. It’s easy participation from your audience and quick results for you.

2. Live video content. When posting from a brand perspective, the content can sometimes seem disingenuous. Live video gives your audience a more authentic look into who you are as a brand, while increasing excitement and energy for your product.

3. Questions sticker. Through Instagram Stories’ new question feature, your brand can encourage a one-on-one brand-to-consumer conversation. This genuine interaction shows your audience members that their opinions matter.

4. Content takeovers. Takeovers are a great way for you to leverage brands, partners, and influencers. A Story takeover can increase your audience reach, establish third-party validation, and boost brand relevancy.

5. Behind-the-scenes Stories. This insider view gives your audience an unseen perspective that adds authenticity to your brand. One of the greatest benefits of Stories is that they don’t have to be perfect! Stories are not as “precious” as more permanent content. Leveraging day-in-the-life moments and content that isn’t otherwise seen makes your audience feel more involved with your brand.

6. Event support. Posting stories at an event or conference is a great way to highlight your participation, leverage event buzz, and create timely content. This firsthand footage encourages users to visit your booth or share user-generated content with your brand while experiencing your brand in person.

7. Easy shopping experience. Shopping should be easy. Creating a Story highlights your products, encourages browsing behavior, and allows for an easy shopping experience. Stories can include a click-through link, meaning that a user simply has to “swipe up” to shop. More site traffic and sales are coming your way.

8. Brand tagging. Encourage user-generated posts and easy social content aggregation through Story tagging. Users can tag your brand by including your Instagram handle (@) in their story. While the audience enjoys tagging a brand for recognition and status, brands can utilize customer content for product showcasing, reviews, or peer credibility.

9. GIFs and music. This is a fun way to show your brand’s personality and be relatable and relevant. Including GIFs and music also allows brands to easily harness pop culture and viral trends.

10. 24-hour countdown. Stories only last 24 hours. This gives you an opportunity to temporarily provide specials and discounts with expiring keywords and promo codes while encouraging the audience to share the Story because of the urgency.

Want to keep a story you created? Save successful Instagram Stories by making them a Highlight! Creating thematic highlights with branded cover images keeps users engaged and enables your audience to view or review content others have enjoyed.

Using Instagram Stories is just one of the many new ways to stand out on social media, increasing engagement and brand awareness. And hey, if it’s not perfect, don’t worry; it’s only temporary. Get creative and use Stories to elevate your brand.