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Let’s make some lemonade, people.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, it’s important for all of us as business leaders, citizens, and neighbors to act smartly and cooperatively to successfully address the challenge and emerge safer and stronger together. With that in mind, I want to share what we’re doing at GLG.

Last week, as concern over COVID-19 spread in the United States, we asked that all of our employees across the country work from home. Their safety and wellbeing, along with slowing the spread of the virus, are our number one concern. At the same time, clients are depending on us to make meetings, reach our milestones, and hit deadlines. The issue isn’t working from home. It’s enabling employees to work together successfully in an organization in real time.

At GLG, it’s our collaborative culture that’s the key. Thanks to business continuity planning, our great development team, and incredible technology tools, the transition last week was seamless. The result? GLG is 100% operational and is working with clients right now to strategically market their products and services during this turbulent time. For example, when a big food industry event was canceled last week, we created an opportunity with strategic and creative ideas to keep our clients in front of customers. And we did it in a matter of hours, not weeks.

That’s just the start. Here are some other ways we’re offering to help our clients stay successful in this moment:

  • Advertising and messaging strategy to be smart about what to promote or not promote
  • How to properly communicate what you are doing to keep your customers safe and your business open
  • Understanding the marketing opportunities with more people in front of computers, on social media, watching TV, etc.
  • Assisting with tactical executions, such as webinars, social campaigns, and targeted digital advertising
  • Virtual appointment setting and lead generation strategies
  • Web streaming of company meetings and events
  • Providing support for your web and marketing technology stacks

We’re here with our strategy, media, creative, and technology teams to move your business forward during this unique time. At GLG, we create a bigger impact and realize a greater future for our clients, our communities, and our employees.

How can we help you? #glg