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How T-Mobile Is Transforming the Employee Experience

This past year, T-Mobile was recognized by Fortune magazine as a Best Place to Work for the second consecutive year.(1) And it’s no wonder. Along with disrupting the wireless industry, T-Mobile has created a first-class company culture that reflects the relentless energy and people-centric ethos of the brand.

Using digital and social innovation, T-Mobile celebrates its employees, provides a ton of growth opportunities, and gives them a platform to show their magenta pride. At GLG, we’ve been fortunate to work closely with T-Mobile on executing campaigns that enrich the T-Mobile culture and transform the T-Mobile employee experience. Here’s a look at three recent ones.

Live Magenta: Live Magenta is T-Mobile’s program of services and resources to help employees successfully manage the demands of work, family, finances, and well-being. The #LiveMagenta campaign got the word out to T-Mobile employees and their families so they could take better advantage of the many services to help them achieve their personal, physical, and financial goals. The landing page offers resources to maintain a financially balanced and healthy lifestyle, such as the free money coach.

#MyUncarrierLife: The #MyUncarrierLife campaign asked a series of questions to engage employees about the company culture and employee benefits and to share how T-Mobile supports them in being their authentic selves. Employees shared their responses via the hashtag #MyUncarrierLife. This strategy allows T-Mobile to use social media as a listening tool to gain insight into what employees are feeling and how to make the Team Magenta experience better.

Veterans Day: T-Mobile stands ready to serve those who have served. T-Mobile enhances the employee experience for veterans by offering ongoing training, mentorship, and networking events that are tailored specifically for veterans. T-Mobile has pledged to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2023. The veterans campaign leading up to Veterans Day not only highlighted the 10K pledge but also the 20 departments at T-Mobile where veterans work, making 2018 Veterans Day better than ever.

T-Mobile employees were everywhere in 2018, as this recap video shows. T-Mobile creates a culture that is unmatched and supports its employees to Live Magenta in their work and personal lives. Are You With Us?® is a popular tagline for the brand. For T-Mobile employees, the answer is emphatically YES.


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