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Just Say Yes to the Dress - Online

According to GLG research, we’re officially entering a brave new world of mobile-tech-abetted purchasing, with regular users of smartphones and tablets leaning on their devices for a variety of shopping-related tasks. Because of their increased mobile connectivity, smartphone users show markedly higher levels of regular product picture-taking (40 percent) and note-taking (35 percent) than their tablet-toting counterparts (11 and 19 percent, respectively).

Here’s another tidbit: when shopping for clothes, where physically assessing proper fit before buying is frequently deemed essential, computers are the third-most-common purchasing platform. Today, nearly half (43 percent) of all consumers typically purchase their clothes online. That’s why Luly Yang, one of the most promising and exciting fashion brands for women to hit the market in years, came to GLG to bring the brand to life online.

A few highlights of the new site:

Beautiful. From the homepage to the shopping cart, great care was taken in creating an elegant and sumptuous experience that matched Luly Yang’s in-store aesthetic.

Responsive. The site is designed to work smoothly on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, making switching between devices seamless.

Sophisticated. A content management system, integrated with product supply software, helps the company keep track of complicated fabric inventories for all of its products—in real time—based on online sales.

Check it out.