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6 Audience Trends in May

Word is, we’re all slowly opening back up. We’re all eager to put quarantine behind us, but the jury is still out on whether or not we’ll ever quite go back to business as usual. And despite the hit our economy has taken, we’ve been learning some positive things about our own resourcefulness, optimism, and moral codes. And brands paying attention to these shifting attitudes will come out ahead in the long run.

1. Social distancing is great for social media.

Maybe we should have picked a different phrase, because what we’re learning is that “social distancing” doesn’t necessarily mean less social activity. In fact, social behavior is on the rise online, to the tune of an hour or two more a day. That means more usage, more scrolling, and more “peak times” to post. Marketers, take note!

2. Self-suffitness is on the rise.

Most gyms are still closed, and they may begin to open up before people feel comfortable going back. Online classes and sales of home gym equipment are up—some new products sell out immediately and are wait-listed. We think this trend will continue as people realize how much fitness they can pack into their private lives.

3. Content is way more king.

With everyone cooped up, we’ve all been having to get more creative about what we share. Content creators can’t just capture eyeballs with an ordinary update. DIY content is on the rise, with crafts, puzzles, baking, and making. And influencers are taking note, actively trying to steal the spotlight by stocking up on sponsorships.

4. Brands beware, and be nice!

With so much attention being given to “essential workers” and the people out there keeping the economy going, consumers are getting even more sensitive about how employees are being treated. Social media posts shaming brands for bad behavior are going viral, making it a good time to make sure your employees feel loved.

5. Shoppers will take revenge.

Let’s face it: there are only so many things you want to buy online. Some things you need to see, touch, smell, taste, or drive for yourself before you buy. Shoppers are chomping at the bit, and when the gate is lifted, we’ll see a flood of consumers out there buying from brands that are clear about what they’ve done to keep people safe in their stores and showrooms. Get those presale messages ready!

6. Cash may be cashing out.

Even as people head back out into the world to buy, they’ll be more wary of using cash. Cashless apps like Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App are going to see increased usage and features that let people make seamless—and touchless—transactions. It’s a trend the market has been toying with for years, of course, but it’s shifting into high gear.

Will things look different a month from now?
We expect to see both people and brands becoming more confident, but some of the ways we’ve changed will stick. Gone are the days, for instance, when social media skeptics get to scold us for screen time. And consumers aren’t likely to backtrack on the high standards they’ve set for ethical treatment of even entry-level employees. But of course, the short answer is: we’ll let you know in June!