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Mind-Blowing Data: 10 Million Reasons to Believe It

GLG has partnered with Cubeyou on something amazing, if not revolutionary. Cubeyou is using the power of social media to uncover truths (both pleasant and painful) that you never knew about your customer—truths that help GLG clients market to target audiences with more effectiveness than ever before.

Imagine for a moment a place where more than 1 billion people gather to socialize. A place where each member willingly shares―often in great detail―some of the most precious moments of their lives, not to mention what they buy, sell, eat, drink, and drive, and where they travel, work, and twerk. And imagine that the operators of this gathering place know virtually everything about its members, too, even when they are lying about their ages.

Those of you who just said, “Hey, that’s Facebook,” give yourself a pat on the back.

Now, imagine gaining access to the data representing nearly 10 million of those Facebook members, along with the ability to monitor, in real time, the interactions between those members and brands.

Cubeyou imagined just that with its development of the first customer insight software powered completely by social data. Taking audience research to new heights, Cubeyou’s proprietary algorithms analyze the significance of real-time interactions between users and more than 55 million brands, products, and services.

As a creative writer, I find my eyes bulging at such depth of customer understanding. With a more accurate picture of genuine consumer interests and trends, a unique understanding of specific consumer psychographic traits, passions, personalities, and media habits emerges. And that opens up a treasure chest of new creative possibilities and solutions, a chance to touch the consumer in a more effective way.

Bring it.

Success lies in the truth.

As one of only 30 digital agencies worldwide utilizing Cubeyou technology, GLG uses the groundbreaking platform to tap razor-sharp insights that expose truths about target audiences like no research tool has done before. Cubeyou’s insight software not only reveals what consumers like; it also uncovers what they don’t like. That additional truth is key to peppering the entire customer journey with content that isn’t just more relevant, but that also speaks to the consumer on a surprisingly personal level. In addition to more effective creative solutions, the truth can also help marketing strategists and media planners develop more acutely targeted campaigns.

The versatility of the Cubeyou platform is mind-blowing. From a big-picture look at data from an entire industry, to microsegments, to competitors’ audiences, to your own customers, Cubeyou allows GLG’s clients to get as broad or specific as they want with exactly the audience they’re looking for.

“Social media represents the perfect environment where we can observe consumers and understand their interests through easily identifiable behavior patterns without bias related to self-reported data,” said Cubeyou CEO Federico Treu.

First in a series

We have a lot to say about this exciting breakthrough in audience research. In the coming weeks, we’ll continue our exploration of Cubeyou’s insight platform and uncover some truths about your audience that may surprise you. We’ll take a look at Cubeyou data on two increasingly important demographics to marketers: Hispanics and millennials. Later, we’ll demonstrate how Cubeyou can drive strategy, media, and creative decision making in specific business segments like healthcare and sporting goods.

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“Six years ago we set out with the mission of predicting the future by deeply understanding people’s drives and needs,” said Federico. “Today our customer insights suite is the first window on the future to help marketers place smarter bets.”

Imagine that.

Learn more about the Cubeyou customer insights suite.