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3 Mistakes Brands (Still) Make about Mobile

If T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure have their way, there’s about to be a momentous shift in the world of mobile: more services, lower prices, and untapped potential with a new transformative 5G network. That means mobile is more important than ever to get right. So why do so many brands still not get it? Here’s what we see out there—even from marketers who should know better.

1. They just make their site shrink to fit.

A mobile-first website isn’t just about taking what you have and making it look good on a smaller screen. It’s about knowing when, where, and why consumers are likely to be on your mobile site, and then building experiences that map to consumers’ real priorities while on the go. These needs are contextual, not one size fits all.

2. They misunderstand what people want.

According to a recent IBM study, there is a huge disconnect between what executives think their customers want from their digital initiatives and what the customers actually want. Turns out that executives think it’s all about providing a sense of control and digital savvy, when what’s really needed are speed and convenience. That’s valuable insight.

3. They don’t think about other channels.

No channel is an island. And that even goes for almighty mobile. Customers want the same experience of your brand whether they’re experiencing it on an app, online, in a store, or elsewhere. So making sure your channels are working in coordination—and mapping to your buyers’ mobile needs (see the first point above)—should be top of mind.

Think mobile; act global.

If T-Mobile and Sprint agree on anything, it’s no doubt the fact that mobile is only becoming more central to our lives—as consumers, as employees, and as human beings. So it pays to get your mobile strategy from a partner who can see it in the context of market insight and can offer an integrated digital strategy for customer engagement.

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