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4 Pain Points That a Digital Strategy Can Cure

Today’s customers are digital. There’s no question about it. So businesses have to talk to customers digitally. Otherwise, their brands become irrelevant. For many companies, customers and their changing expectations are driving an urgent need for digital transformation.

As an account director at a strategic digital agency, I speak to businesses every day about the pain points they’re experiencing. I hear many of the same things over and over, across industries. Here are four super common issues:

    1. Errors: Humans make mistakes. For companies that still rely primarily on manual processes, this leaves lots of room for error, whether it’s in accounting or inventory or fulfillment. These errors cost the company money and erode consumer trust. A smart digital strategy can identify areas where processes can be automated, increasing accuracy and speed.

    2. Bad delivery: In today’s on-demand world, you can’t deliver slowly or piecemeal. Businesses are struggling to keep and maintain “always-connected” customers who expect everything to be perfect and right now. A comprehensive digital strategy enables companies to deliver a better customer experience that feels seamless across multiple touch points. This improves engagement by removing the friction in the customer journey caused by bad delivery.

    3. Misalignment: Many businesses struggle with siloed departments, which hobble their ability to generate revenue. When every department has its own agenda, the organization as a whole is less effective. A cohesive digital selling strategy that covers the entirety of the business ensures that everyone is connected to and aligned on the mission-critical activities that drive sales.

    4. No leads: Every business wants to increase its leads, but some businesses are struggling to reach today’s consumers. To increase their reach and refine their touch, businesses need to leverage digital. A digital strategy allows them to touch their customers more often and provide more relevant, targeted information in each touch. This is the secret to becoming a lead generation engine.

Are you experiencing any of these pain points? Let’s set up some time to talk about your digital challenges.