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There Is Not One Single Great Thing to Look Forward to in 2015

Rarely is there one ingredient that makes something great. I’m not referring to collaboration between individuals, client-and-agency partnerships, or even guacamole recipes. No, I’m reacting to the various lists of marketing things that either became big news in 2014 or are poised to do so this year.

Programmatic ad buying is getting lots of attention right now. In simple terms, it’s an automated way of buying audience-targeted digital media quickly, and typically at very low relative costs. But without something else, programmatic buying will be one thing for sure: a massive headache for the advertiser, agency, and brand manager.

The missing Robin to programmatic’s Batman, the jelly to the automated peanut butter, the value yin to the price yang, is verification. That’s because programmatic buying only enables you to buy cheap media; it has little regard for valuable contextual targeting and placement of the digital creative. You need independent verification to be the brand police, to make sure that those cheap impressions actually run in brand-safe environments, in countries that have actual customers, and in primarily viewable environments.

At The Garrigan Lyman Group, we’ve used a few different services to police our programmatic and ad network buys, and each time, they saved money and headaches. Real-time bidding and exchange-based buying strategies can yield low costs. But without the verification and viewability (as well as constant vigilance) that these services provide, those low-cost buys run the risk of being low value, too.

So, when it comes to buying programmatically, don’t look for one great thing. By combining independent verification with your programmatic buying, you can leverage two things to create one great result.