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9 Tips for Content Creation on Snapchat

“If it wasn’t on Snapchat, it never happened.” —Millennial motto

Snapchat is huge these days, with more than 150 million users—that’s more users than Twitter has. A whopping 70 percent are Millennials, making the mobile app a great way to build brand affinity and promote engagement with the under-35 demographic.

Since launching the GLG Snapchat (add us: glg_seattle), we’ve picked up a few tips for creating and publicizing organic content that we haven’t seen posted anywhere else. There’s great advice out there already for brands beginning on Snapchat—but hardly any tips about what to actually do once you’ve learned the basics and are standing there with your phone.

1. Don’t post the same Snaps to your Snapchat Story that you send to people individually—tease your Story instead. It can be tempting. After all, you want individuals to see your Story content, but you’re not sure they’ll see it. But here’s the important thing to remember: If they do watch your Story, then you’re making them see the same Snaps twice, which wastes their time. Our solution: Send individuals a teaser that directs them to your Story to see more. That way, they’ll know you posted a Story, will watch it if they’re interested, and will never have to watch the same content twice.

2. Shoot in vertical. Yes, Snapchat has horizontal capabilities, but it’s annoying to have to turn your phone (especially in the middle of a Story) to get the right view. Keep shooting your pictures and videos vertically.

3. Don’t write video scripts that require narration. It’s too easy to sound stilted. Snapchat is all about being in the moment, and that includes allowing your narrators or on-camera talent to ad-lib. Give them the general idea to convey and let ’em go—it sounds much more natural.

4. Incorporate the built-in features in Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to draw, add stickers, use lenses and filters, and add captions. These are the fun differentiators that make Snapchat feel like Snapchat, so take advantage of them. Don’t be afraid if it looks messy—brands aren’t producing perfectly edited videos in Snapchat…and that’s kind of the point.

5. Plan transitions around each Snap. Snapchat transitions always feel abrupt. That’s OK. Just know that a Snapchat Story won’t give you a continuous narrative flow, and work the pauses between each Snap into the storyline.

6. 100 seconds max, please. That’s 10 full Snaps. Nobody wants to watch for any longer. EOM.

7. Use sound (and pay attention to what people can hear in the background). Two-thirds of Snapchat videos are watched with sound, in contrast to most videos on other social media platforms. People are listening, so take advantage of it with narration, sound effects, or music, or at least make sure there’s nothing really annoying in the background.

8. Limit your posting of Snapchat Memories. Snapchat introduced the Memories feature so that people could save their favorite Snaps, putting off editing and posting for later. Unfortunately, whenever you post anything saved to Memories, even if you saved it just 30 seconds ago, it appears with a cloudy border that says “Uploaded from Memories.” The border is visually interruptive when used alongside normal Snaps and removes the “fleeting moment” feeling of Snapchat, so try to steer clear of Memories and keep your photography live.

9. Make your content Snapchat exclusive. It’s hard for people to discover your Snapchat, so make sure to promote your content on your other social media properties. At the same time, don’t give everything away—you want fans to have a reason to go to Snapchat. Offer them exclusive footage or offers not available elsewhere, like behind-the-scenes peeks into your business, access to live events, the first look at a product, or incentives like coupons, promo codes, or giveaways.

We’re having a blast on Snapchat, producing new stories every day. Follow us at glg_seattle, and Snap us some of your best tips!