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Transforming the Customer Experience One Tire at a Time

What does it mean to transform the customer experience? Sometimes, it’s technology under the hood that makes life easier and more convenient for customers without them even knowing it. That’s what Toyo Tires is doing with the Tire Finder application on The Tire Finder allows customers to quickly and easily find the perfect tires. The Tire Finder shines a light on how Toyo Tires leverages Core IT systems of record to build a Fast IT system of engagement to create an important, satisfying experience for its customers.

Core IT is the traditional facet of information technology that maintains a company’s systems of record and single source of truth for critical information such as financial information, pricing, or product data. These systems require a robust infrastructure with rigid protocols to ensure the health and security of the data they store.

Fast IT refers to the systems of engagement your internal and external customers encounter that both supply and consume data from systems of record. These systems of engagement need to be stood up and modified quickly to meet market conditions. As Andy Singleton, the originator of the Core IT / Fast IT phrase, said, “Fast IT gets a lot of its value from Core IT. Core IT provides the unique data and product fulfillment that makes Fast IT interesting.”(1) That’s the relationship that drives business value.

Toyo Tires partnered with The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) to create its authoritative system of record for fitment of its products to the ever-expanding set of automobile makes and models by pairing a third-party database of tire fitments for automobile makes and models with Toyo Tires product data.

This tire fitment application is integrated with the website and allows consumers and tire professionals alike to engage directly with Toyo Tires’ fitment system of record through the site. This allows the data for the tire fitment system of record to be kept up to date independently of the website, and for the website’s user experience system of engagement to be adjusted without interfering with the tire fitment. And as different use cases for the tire fitment system come up, it will be critical that it be able to scale to support additional applications.

Finally, to further understand how the Tire Finder is used, Toyo Tires tracks site interactions to learn how customers perform tire searches. Are they searching by tire size or vehicle? Mobile or desktop? That insight drives adjustments in the interface to continually make the site one that is easier to use and performs better.

How the tire fitment application is leveraged will need to change with business needs over time. But because GLG and Toyo Tires created a scalable system of record, a flexible interface to access it, and a way to gather insights on how customers use it, Toyo Tires is positioned to serve those needs in the years to come.


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