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Getting at the Truth with the Power of AI

January 1, 2020, seems like an eternity ago. Only two months after that most optimistic day of the year, business and marketing plans for virtually any company that had such plans were torn to shreds. For many companies, landing on the right reboot strategy hasn’t been easy either. Information critical to decision-making is moving so fast and in such heavy volumes that it’s little wonder that CEOs are struggling to make sense of it.

We reached out to Leigh Fatzinger, the founder and CEO of Turbine Labs, for some insight. As an AI-driven aggregator of data, news, and information, Turbine Labs delivers unbiased cultural, political, and business context to senior business executives to help them make better and more informed decisions. It’s a business that couldn’t be timelier.

Among the ground covered in our chat, Leigh talks about:

  • The proliferation of channels and data that’s catching CEOs and decision makers off guard.
  • The difficulty in making the right company decisions in an era of instant blowback.
  • The importance of AI tools that can help CEOs make better decisions and fewer mistakes.

Leigh also talks about the inspiration behind his business. (It didn’t start in his garage, but close.)


Listen to the podcast.