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Why Umbraco Is the Right CMS Choice

Content is king. It’s an expression that absolutely holds true today, especially with the almost endless options consumers have to occupy their focus. For digital marketers, a content management system (CMS) is critical for keeping websites fresh with new content. A CMS allows brands to publish content without burdening their IT team. As you might guess, there are a bunch of CMS options out there. So how do you choose? Think ease of use. Think security. Think an active open-source community.

Why Umbraco Thinks GLG Is the Perfect Partner

When it comes to implementing Umbraco, the Umbraco Gold Partner program provides a short list of firms to consider. GLG is proud to be one of the longest-serving and leading Umbraco Gold Partners in the world. Tim Garrigan spoke with Umbraco’s Anders Sørensen to find out how brands should evaluate CMS vendors, why Umbraco is the right choice, and why Umbraco thinks GLG is the perfect partner.