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Working Social Channels

Let customers be your distributors. In a recent study, Nielsen reports that 47 percent of smartphone owners are using social media every day. That’s in addition to the 64 percent of the adults already using social media on their personal computers. Content moves quickly these days, to be sure. But with social media, your customers can do more than just consume it; they can also chat with you about it, share it with others, or even mash it up into something else entirely.

Think of social media as another channel for distributing the content you create. It just so happens that your customer is doing all the legwork for you. Your customer’s effort can be a boon if your message is on target, relevant, useful, or entertaining. But if it is none of the above, then you potentially have a bust on your hands, one of epic proportions. When you engage in social media, always assume it’s a three-way conversation between your brand, your customer, and your customer’s best friend, with whom your message will be shared and manipulated, for better or worse.

Leading industry analysts from Forrester to Nielsen quantify what we all know intuitively: people are more likely to trust what other people say about brands than what the brands say about themselves. In fact, people are likely to trust other people’s perceptions of a brand at a rate of up to 85 percent versus the roughly 15 percent of what they believe about what the brand says about itself.

Shareable content is an important component of content marketing. It opens the door for content endorsement from a source more trusted than you’ll ever be: Your customer.